What Is The Best push lawn mower

What Is The Best push lawn mower

If you are asking what is the best push lawn mower then there is a good reason as by far the push reel lawn mower is one of the most popular lawn mowers to buy and for good reason, they are cheap to buy, easy to store and require low maintenance not to mention getting a nice amount of exercise when using one, below I am going to list some of the best push lawn mowers to buy.

Push Reel Lawn Mower

For many years the push reel lawn mower has been the favourite choice for many people due to the fact they don’t involve any electricity, gas or petrol in the way of making them work, today the this type of lawn mower is still one of the most popular due to these factors alone, if you are a bit struck for cash or have very little knowledge of maintain a lawn mower then this is the perfect choice for you, the other factors to consider with a push reel lawn mower is how big your garden is this could be the only real problem if you are going to buy a push lawn mower, as if your garden is big then this type of lawn mower isn’t going to be the best lawn mower for the job, unless you are extremely fit and have allot of time on your hands, for a large garden a electric or gas/petrol lawn mower will be best.

Cheap Push Lawn Mowers

Most push reel lawn mowers can be picked up for a good price any were from $100-$200 this sort of price is for a good model something like a Brill or a Bosh although the Bosh models do seem to be a little bit cheaper than the Brill models but this all reflects in the price and the spec of the lawn mower model.


Best Battery Lawn Mower

If you are looking for a lawn mower that doesn’t require any leads or fuel the best type of lawn mower for you would be a battery lawn mower these are allot more expensive but take care of all the hard work they range in price from $300-$400 these type of mowers are good for an average size garden the best battery lawn mower for the money I think are the Bosh models, most have adjustable blades and run of (36v)

Things to consider whaen asking the question what is the best push lawn mower is the size of your garden, your budget, have you got somewhere to store the lawn mower, are you fit enough to use it, what model fits your requirements, I prefer the Bosh models they are by far have cheapest push lawn mower for the best specification listed, if I was to choose another more expensive push reel lawn mower it would be the Brill models they are more expensive but worth paying the extra money for.

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