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What Is The Best Lawn Mower For The Money

What is the best lawn mower is the question most people ask who have a lawn to mow and they are looking to buy a new lawn mower, several factors have to be taken into consideration like can you store the lawn mower safely and correctly, do you have a big lawn or just a small amount of grass to cut, does the grass you are cutting consist of allot of weeds or is mainly grass, lets overview a few of these points to see if we can help you with deciding on what is the best lawn mower to buy.

What is the best push lawn mower

If you are looking at getting a push reel lawn mower then the best sort of lawn for this would be a small lawn, this is because these sort of lawn mowers are pushed by hand and demand quite allot of effort, the best thing with a push lawn mower is that it doesn’t require any electricity so if your lawn is at the bottom of your garden then you don’t have to worry about power for the lawn mower, also they save you money on your bills, they are easy to store and are a great form of exercise, not to mention good on price also easy to maintain.

Two of my favorite best push lawnmower makes are Bosh and Brill they both do a great job the Brill push lawn mowers are a bit more expensive, but you get what you pay for and has a higher spec.

What is the best electric lawn mower

The best electric lawn mowers or the most popular are the bosh and flymo, what the good thing is with electric lawn mowers is that you don’t have any start up problems with them like you would do with a petrol or gas lawn mower, they make light work of gutting your grass and are not as dear as a gas or petrol lawn mower, there is also a cordless electric lawn mower (36v) both cordless and cabled lawn mowers are just as good at cutting the grass as a gas or petrol lawn mower. Not forgetting that you won’t have to put up with the smell of gas or smoke which gets stuck on your clothes and hands, also they have allot more expectable level of noise so the neighbors don’t complain.

Now I know I haven’t had much good to say about a gas or petrol lawn mower but if you have a large piece of land then unless you have allot of time on your hands then this is going to be the lawn mower for you, these type of lawn mowers need good storage facilities for the gas lawn mower and the gas or petrol it requires, they also need to be maintained as wood a small motorcycle.

What the best type of lawn mower I would suggest for someone who has over an ache of land is a ride on lawn mower they are allot more expensive than the lawn mowers above but will save a massive amount of time and effort, most ride on mowers have a cutting width of over 52 inches so cutting over an acre of land won’t take that long, once again good storage will be needed and the lawn mower will have to be maintained on a regular basis.

Finding what is the best lawn mower all starts from here, there are many models, makes and styles of lawn mower think about your needs, how big is your lawn, do you have enough storage to keep the lawn mower in what price range can you afford are you any good at maintaining a gas or petrol lawn mower don’t buy something that is to good for the given job simplify the choice to answer the question what is the best lawn mower for you.


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